Explosive Handlers Course

About the Course:

This two day hands-on training package is designed to qualify individuals who do not have formal demolitions experience to attend the Special Entry Technicians/Breacher Course. This class is Arizona-POST approved (as to form).

Course Overview:

  • Safe Handling Practices.
  • Basic Demolition Procedures.
  • Hands-on use of breaching type explosives.
  • Transportation and Storage Requirements.
  • Non-electric Firing Systems.
  • Electric Firing Systems.
  • Shock Tube Firing Systems.
  • Tuition for this 2 day course is - $425.00

Course Objectives:

This course will introduced students to a variety of explosive, several of which are not normally used in breaching charges. Each student will build and employ these introductory charges. Upon completion of this 2 day course, students will be qualified to attend the Special Entry Technicians Breacher Course.

Registration Deadline:

30 days prior to course start date with a minimum of 50% tuition paid in advance.


Each student should bring:
  • Personal body armor.
  • Nomex gloves.
  • EOD/Hand Tools. (Optional)
  • Eye Protection. (Include clear    lenses for night operations)
  • Head Protection. (Kevlar    Helmet)
  • Fire resistant coveralls or    B.D.U's.
  • Sturdy combat style boots.
  • Calculator.
  • Gas Mask. (HEPA or particulate    mask)
  • Ear Protection. (Foamies    available)


Course will be presented at the Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ. For information on Hotels/Motels in the area contact the Course Coordinator.
Oct 17-2018
Important Notice!
The 10th annual International Breachers Symposium was a great success. The next symposium will be posted here when the dates & location have been decided.
Course Coordinators

Rus Hart
(928) 329-7555

At Gunsite
(928) 636-4565
Gunsite's website

Dates for 2015:
March 13 & 14
May 15 & 16
July 10 & 11
Sept. 18 & 19
Nov. 13 & 14