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Rapid Entry Systems Technology Corp. provides Special Entry Technician Breacher training for Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations Units. The Latest Advances in Breaching Charges, Tools, and Techniques. This is not a course in "tactics". Each student will select, build and safely employ a minimum of ten breaching charges. Students are also familiarized with mechanical and shotgun breaching techniques.

Special Entry Technicians
Breacher Course:

An intense five day, hands-on training package. Attendees must have received formal demolitions training or attended the 2 day "Explosive Handlers" course prior to taking this course.

Explosive Handlers and
Special Entry Course:

An in-depth "7 day" hands-on training package. Designed for officers who do not have formal demolitions experience. Students will attend the 2 day Explosive Handlers class designed to bring them up to speed for the Special Entry Technicians/Breacher Course.

About R.E.S.T., Corp.

Rest, Corp. has been in the training business since 1993. Twenty-one of the departments we trained have conducted over 400 operational, high-risk entries with extreme success and no officer injuries.

Our Instructors.

The experience and skill of each of our instructors is unsurpassed by any agency in the United States. Combined, our instructors have performed numerous high risk entries on actual Law Enforcement operations as well as thousands of documented training breaches.

Oct 17-2018
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