Special Entry Breacher Course

About the Course:

An intense five day, 'hands-on' training package. Upon successful completion of this course of instruction each student will be Certified to possess the basic skills necessary to employ explosive, mechanical, and/or shotgun entry techniques in support of a special operations raid, hostage rescue, or high risk warrant service. This class is Arizona-POST approved (as to form). Prospective students who are not Hazardous Device or military Explosive Ordnance Disposal School graduates must be able to show proof of formal demolitions training or must attend the 7 day course.

Course Overview:

  • Explosives Handling, Recognition & Safety.
  • Firing devices, Shock Tube Actuators &    Initiators.
  • Breaching Charge Construction & Explosive    Selection.
  • The latest in Breaching Charges, Tools &    Techniques.
  • Shotgun Breaching Ammunition (AVON).
  • Blast Pressure Effects & Avoidance.
  • Calculating Net Explosive Weights.
  • Breach Planning & Reporting.

Course Objectives:

The training provided to each student is based on the premise that the Breacher's primary responsibility is to effect entry for the team using the minimum amount of force necessary. Each student is tested on their ability to select the appropriate method of entry based on the situation and the target assigned, build and employ a variety of breaching charges, and calculate the N.E.W. of each charge. They will perform several practical exercises in a wide array of situations and will be evaluated on a final exercise as part of a team. Each team will be graded on everything from the initial planning phase through the post assault phase. Each student will be graded on the selection of breaching methods based on the escalation of force principle from mechanical and shotgun to explosive breaching techniques.
Each student should bring:
  • Personal body armor.
  • Nomex gloves.
  • EOD/Hand Tools. (Optional)
  • Eye Protection. (Include clear    lenses for night operations)
  • Head Protection. (Kevlar    Helmet)
  • Fire resistant coveralls or    B.D.U's.
  • Sturdy combat style boots.
  • Calculator.
  • Gas Mask. (HEPA or particulate    mask)
  • Ear Protection. (Foamies    available)

Registration Deadline:

30 days prior to course start date with a minimum of 50% tuition paid in advance.


Course will be presented at the Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ. For information on Hotels/Motels in the area contact the Course Coordinator.
Oct 17-2018
Important Notice!
The 10th annual International Breachers Symposium was a great success. The next symposium will be posted here when the dates & location have been decided.
Course Coordinators

Rus Hart
(928) 329-7555

At Gunsite
(928) 636-4565
Gunsite's website

Dates for 2015:
Mar. 15-19
May 17-21
July 12-16
Sept. 20-24
Nov. 15-19
The 5 day course is
The 7 day course is